Powder Horn
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Author:  Till [ Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  Powder Horn

Hi All,
I picked up this powder horn at a flea market from the same guy that was selling a hansayia. I'm pretty sure the hansayia is from Nepal. Is it possible that the powder horn is too? It sure isn't from the US or Western Europe and doesn't look like any of the African or Middle East ones I have seen either. It sure isn't cow horn either. Also, does anyone know what the plug would look like? The horn measures about 11.25" (28.5cm) from tip to end of spout (measured in a straight line. The incised decoration at the base of the horn is very simple and rather roughly done. The tip of the horn has a diamond and chevron motif at the very end and above that is a double line X with double lines above and below it. The lathe turned, wooden spout is about 2.25" long and is inserted into a wooden plug that closes off the end of the horn. The plug is held in place with two small iron nails. The suspension rings are iron and are held on to the horn by two iron rods that go completely through the horn. On one end, the rods are looped over to hold the suspension rings and, on the other end, they are bent over to hold them onto the horn. The rod at the base of the horn has a small rectangle of iron below the looped suspension ring holder.

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